Celebrating National Volunteer Week

Callum – Photo for NS News

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week April 18 – 24, it is with the recognition that volunteering has evolved and moved in new directions over the past year. We are adapting to a world that is different than it was before. The pandemic, which brought on the need for more support in the community, was met with an outpouring of community spirit and offers of help. Many have experienced that volunteering can be less formal than it was in the past and there are opportunities large and small, with something for everyone. We predict that there will be even more flexibility in volunteering in the future. Virtual roles are being created that allow people to get involved while staying safe in the comfort of their own home. While the future has a lot of unknowns, now is a great time to consider volunteering. As human beings, we are naturally hardwired to give. Studies show that volunteering allows us to take our minds off our worries. We can reduce chronic pain, increase our lifespan and receive many health benefits. It provides purpose, improves social connectedness and happiness while keeping us more mentally and physically active. It is one of the best kept secrets for well-being. We invite everyone to take part; find a way to volunteer. Ask yourself what you would enjoy? What causes are you passionate about? Research local organizations to find out what they do. Try something, if it doesn’t work out don’t give up. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right fi t. North Shore Community Resources can help you get started. Call us at 604-985-7138 or check out our website at ww.nscr.ca The fabric of our neighborhoods and community are strengthened by sharing our time and talents with others. Volunteering contributes to making our North Shore an excellent place to live, work and play. It is a great way for the community to connect, creating a culture where all are a part of the whole and everyone feels valued and included. National Volunteer Week reminds us of how grateful we are for all our community volunteers. You are appreciated and you are making a difference to the lives of many. Our community is so much richer because of all of you.

Thank you!


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