Volunteers are passionate about community service and use their time and talent to provide support to others, thus making the North Shore a better place for everyone.


Youth Volunteering

Volunteering when you are young is a great way to gain skills, experience and new social connections that help you and the community. NSCR’s Volunteer Youth Directory has over 80 opportunities for youth of all ages.


All Volunteer Opportunities

We have a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities from agencies and organizations all across the North Shore.


NSCR Volunteer Opportunities


Register for an Information Session

An NSCR Volunteer Advisor can meet with you to learn more about your skills, experience, interests and more. Our Volunteer Advisors can provide you with specific suggestions about opportunities that might be right for you.


Volunteers are at the heart of strong, healthy, supportive and resilient communities.

Volunteers provide important support to their neighbours and fellow citizens helping individuals and communities to thrive. In return, they enhance their own health by improving their social networks and gaining new skills and experiences.

As the Volunteer Centre of the North Shore, NSCR’s Volunteer North Shore program can offer you opportunities to serve as a volunteer within NSCR’s own programs or with other North Shore agencies. We help youth and newcomers to Canada to connect to new opportunities and skills. Our Volunteer Advisors offer an interview process to help you better understand your volunteer goals and opportunities.

Volunteer North Shore also assists other North Shore organizations to help recruit their own volunteers through referrals, networking, and by promoting and celebrating volunteerism on the North Shore. Volunteer North Shore also organizes the North Shore Volunteer Fair.

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I love meeting people, I love helping people.

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