NSCR Volunteer Opportunities


At NSCR, we believe there is an opportunity for everyone. Communities and individuals are healthier and our social bonds stronger when we all contribute and give our time to benefit others. Together, we can make a huge difference in our community.

Do you enjoy yard work or doing repairs at home? Can you drive a client to an important appointment? Would you like to support seniors through friendly visiting? Do you want to help encourage more voting in our elections? North Shore Community Resources offers a wide range of opportunities for volunteers to assist with our many programs and services.

We take the time to understand who you are, your talents and interests so that we can help you find the volunteer opportunity that is right for you.

If you’re ready to volunteer with NSCR, fill out our online application form. After we receive the form, a Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to discuss current opportunities.

NSCR Volunteer Opportunities

Although I do support a few favourite charities, my most rewarding experience is my time spent as a volunteer at NSCR which is committed to helping others.

NSCR Volunteer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special qualifications to volunteer?

No, we match you to a volunteer opportunity that fits your skills, interest and time availability. NSCR volunteers do require a criminal record check.

My schedule is pretty busy but I do want to give back to my community. Are there volunteer opportunities for people with limited time like me?

Yes. Some of our volunteer opportunities require relatively little of your time but you can still make a difference. Contact us to learn more.

My English is not perfect but I am working hard to improve it – are there opportunities for people like me?

Yes, there are lots of volunteer opportunities on the North Shore that require different levels of skill and English language capacity. Volunteering is a great way to improve your English and sometimes having an additional language can we be an asset for certain volunteer jobs. Give us a call and we can explore NSCR volunteer opportunities that best fit you.

I’m ready to volunteer with NSCR! What should I do next?

Fill out our online application form. After we receive the form, a Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to discuss current opportunities. We will help you find a volunteer position with NSCR that best suits your needs, skills and interests.

Contact Information

Elaine Smith, NSCR Volunteer Coordinator
Direct Line: 604-982-3307
Email: Elaine.smith@nscr.ca

Updates and Resources

If you would like to learn about current volunteer opportunities at North Shore Community Resources, link here.

If you would like to apply for to be an NSCR volunteer, click here.

To learn about the benefits of volunteering, click here.

Thank You

NSCR’s volunteer program is made possible by a community gaming grant from the Province of British Columbia, Neptune Terminals, North Shore municipalities and charitable donors like you. Thank you.