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If you are 12 – 19 years old and are looking for a volunteer opportunity, NSCR’s Youth Volunteer Directory is the resource for you!

Volunteering when you are young is a great way to gain skills, experience and new social connections that help you and the community. NSCR’s Youth Volunteer Directory has opportunities for youth of all ages. This directory is updated annually so whether your interests are animals and the environment, arts and culture, seniors or other areas, we likely have a volunteer opportunity for you.

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Youth Directory

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there volunteer opportunities that are flexible around my school hours and sport activities?

Yes. Many volunteer opportunities exist with flexible hours or are event based.

Do I need experience or training to be a volunteer?

No. Many of the volunteer opportunities in our North Shore Youth Volunteer Directory will include training as part of their orientation. Volunteering offers the opportunity to learn new skills and gain important experience.

What is the benefit of volunteering versus paid work experience?

Volunteering offers the opportunity to gain skills you may not get in an entry level paid position. Such skills include leadership, communication and team building, among others to showcase on your resume. It is also a great opportunity to expand your network and get to know more people.

I work in the North Shore school system as a Secondary School Guidance and Career Counsellor. Our students will be very interested in the North Shore Youth Volunteer Directory. Is it available in hard copy format? Is it free?

Yes and yes! The Directory is available both in a hard copy format and online via the NSCR website. Both versions are free. Contact us to receive copies.

Contact Information

To find out more about the North Shore Youth Volunteer Directory, contact:
Alex Kershaw, NSCR Volunteer Coordinator
Direct Line: 604-982-3307

Updates and Resources

To access the North Shore Youth Volunteer Directory, click here.

To learn about the benefits of volunteering, click here.

For youth: Why Volunteer

Thank You

The North Shore Youth Volunteer Directory is made possible by a community gaming grant from the Province of British Columbia, Neptune Terminals, North Shore municipalities and charitable donors like you. Thank you.