Cheers to Our Volunteers!

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Azam Mousavi

Azam has been a dedicated volunteer for several years at North NSCR.  She has assisted seniors with a variety of needs and provided guidance on an array of matters, like applications.

“Interacting with people in this capacity brings me immense joy and a profound sense of fulfillment. The smiles I receive from the seniors I help brighten my day and reinforce my commitment to serving others. Knowing that I’m making a positive impact on their lives fills me with a deep sense of purpose and happiness.”




Brian Blamey

Brian’s involvement with NSCR began in 2015 when his wife spotted an ad in the North Shore News for the Community Volunteer Tax Program (CVITP) at NSCR. Having worked in accounting for 40 years, as an associate and as a partner, Brian was intrigued by the opportunity to give back to his community, so, he became one of the volunteer income tax preparers for low income residents of the North Shore.

In Brian’s first year, he was responsible for visiting those individuals who were not mobile and could not visit the NSCR offices. He would go to their homes to prepare and file their returns. The following year, with the COVID outbreak, we had to change how we operated.  So, in order to avoid close contact, Brian would tirelessly pick up each individual’s tax slips, prepare their return remotely, then deliver the return back to them.

“My 6 years with NSRC have been profoundly rewarding.   Volunteering with these clients is a huge contrast to the higher net worth clients I worked with during my career.  I have met some incredibly interesting people, and I still prepare tax returns for some of the individuals I first met in 2019.   My 6 years of preparing the tax returns for these individuals has made a huge impact on me in two different ways. The first is becoming aware of the financial struggles faced by so many low-income individuals in our community.  The income they receive is barely adequate to pay for their rent and food.  The second insight is how grateful every person is when I’ve completed and filed their tax return.  They are incredibly thankful for this service NSCR provides. The requirement to prepare and file their tax return is enormous stress to them and you can see the relief in their face when you tell them their return is filed and they are good for another year.

Volunteering with North Shore Community Resources has been an enriching experience.  The gratitude expressed by those I’ve assisted, and the impact it has on their well-being, just reaffirms my belief in the importance of using my skills to make a meaningful difference in my community.”


Neeki Alavi

After returning home to North Vancouver from school in Ontario, Neeki sought to be involved in an organization that empowered community engagement and well-being, especially with services aimed for seniors. Her grandparents have been long-term residents of the North Shore and recipients of NSCR services, which has highlighted the importance of NSCR’s goals in enhancing the quality of life for seniors. Neeki’s grandmother has used the transportation services and others that were introduced to them by NSCR. Her personal connection to the senior community drove her desire to volunteer her time with NSCR, as she aims “to give back to the organization that has helped [her] family and many others in the community.”

Beginning her work with NSCR in January 2024, Neeki currently works with the Better at Home Program, which is aimed to assist senior residents’ wellbeing and independence on the North Shore. She has given her time to help with grocery pick-ups and deliveries and participated in the Friendly Visiting Program. Neeki says she “particularly appreciates [Friendly Visiting’s] ongoing nature, where [she] can forge meaningful connections with community members through quality time”

“Although it has only been a short time, the more I discover about the amazing programs and services at NSCR, the more eager I am to be involved. Additionally, I’m very excited about contributing to the caregiving newsletter for the first time in the May/June addition of Grapevine, another great resource provided by NSCR.”


Yoonwon Lee

Yoonwon began his volunteer journey with NSCR in September 2022 with a profound desire to provide compassionate care to Korean seniors and foster a sense of community. Yoonwon has had his hand in organizing activities and support groups for our Korean senior group, offering them a vibrant respite from their daily routine.

“Witnessing the joy and contentment on their faces as they eagerly gather every second Wednesday of the month fills me with immense satisfaction. Knowing that our efforts bring genuine happiness to their lives is truly rewarding.”



Lisa Redmond

Lisa began with the Seniors One Stop program at NSCR in 2015. She was still working at the time but was looking for opportunities to volunteer in her upcoming retirement, and Seniors One Stop seemed to be the right fit! Lisa has worked on and off on an on-call schedule with Seniors One Stop, the volunteer tax programs, seniors’ fairs, and anything else that might come up in the office.

“I enjoy all of my involvement but love the flexible schedule and the ability to apply my work knowledge to assist clients. I’ve learned so much in my roles and most especially gained a better, well rounded knowledge of the community on the North Shore and their needs.”